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The Maples Community are a team of organisations working together to provide specialist rehabilitation, recovery and accommodation services in the southwest. 

We specialise in providing community-based solutions to people with complex unmet needs that are transitioning out of psychiatric hospital, or are at risk of readmission.


We have divisions dedicated to working with people who have been diagnosed with complex post-traumatic stress disorder, learning difficulties, enduring acute mental health disorders or have forensic histories.


We assess each individuals needs to provide a bespoke package of support and accommodation that caters specifically to them. We take great care to place individuals within an environment suitable to their development.

Our accommodation ranges from single occupancy independent units, to specialist multiple occupancy houses with onsite staffing. 


Our objective with all clients is to promote and maximise independence, health, wellness and social recovery through the utilisation of bespoke support planning, innovative support delivery and nationally recognised risk management. 


About Us
Our Services


The Park

Our intensive residential care step-through service specialises in facilitating successful pathways to, and maximis independence within the community, for adult males with mental health conditions and a history of failed placements.

Forensic Mental Health

This division specialises in meeting the needs of individuals with a forensic or high risk history that are committed to developing skills and maximising their independence within a community setting in a safe and effective way.

Learning Difficulties

This division specialises in meeting the needs of individuals diagnosed with a learning difficulty, or who would benefit from a structured supportive environment suited to developing their social and daily living skills with the objective of maximising their independence.

Complex Trauma

This division specialises in meeting the needs of individuals living with complex post traumatic stress disorder and/or personality disorder. The main focus is on the self management of risk and the maximisation of personal independence.

Compass Hub

The Compass team marks the start of the Maples journey, managing referrals, assessments, reviews, and placement breakdowns. Each member of the Compass team is dedicated to ensuring our service users are provided with a bespoke package of support and accommodation that caters specifically to them, taking great care to place individuals within an environment suitable to their development.


This division specialises in providing safe and appropriate accommodation and accommodation pathways to the individuals placed within our service. 

They ensure the environments are maintained to a high standard, and the tenants are in receipt of the appropriate benefits and funding

South Bristol
This service provides outreach support covering the wider Bristol area. Providing support for people living independently in the community. 

Happy staff
Our team

The Maples Community began as a small family run business. Their ambition was to create a service where they could work alongside the people they cared about and who shared their vision of enabling others to reach their potential. Over the past 25 years we have worked hard to maintain the ethos of getting to know and caring about each and every one of our employees as if they were a part of that family.

We recognise that people are individuals with a unique perspective and experience of the world around them. These personal experiences make up a large part of our unique ability to connect to one and other. That's why at The Maples Community, our employees aren't simply Support Workers or Housing Officers or any other role, they're musicians, footballers, artists, chefs. We encourage our staff to bring these abilities and interests to work to inspire, connect and enrich the interactions they have with each other and the people we support.

We are extremely fortunate to have an incredibly innovative, creative and compassionate team working within the Maples Community, who are willing and able to go above and beyond to support and those around them to reach their full potential.  

If you are interested in becoming part of our team, please click the link below to find out a bit more about what it's like to work with us and for details on our current vacancies. 

Our Team

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"Staff at the Maples have been open to my needs and have collaborated with me to address what will work best with my diagnosis. I feel more hopeful for a bright future"


"I really like Maples because the staff is friendly, they look well after me, and help me going to different places".


"Since joining the maples I've had amazing feedback regarding my recovery from my friends and other professionals. They've all seen a difference in me"


Happy Clients
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