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Maples house


Our main ethos is to find where support is needed and provide that, whether an individual needs higher support, lower support, a Maples flat, or support with community living.

The Maples journey looks different to every service user, but often starts with a shared flat with sleep-ins, which is our highest level of support and continues to lower support properties. Ultimately the aim is to empower our service users to feel capable and confident enough to live independently.

Types of support

Higher support with sleep in's 

Lower support

Maples flat

Support with community living

What is provided?
In our shared houses we provide beds, bedding, furniture, TV, white goods, kitchen utensils, hand towels, garden furniture, hoover, mops, microwave, kettle, and toaster. So every aspect of the house is ready for our service users to move in and live there. Whereas in our flats we like to encourage more independence, so we supply fridge, washing machine, bed and bedding, but support our service users to make that next step in owning their own property and making it their own space


You don't have to pay for support if you're getting housing benefits, to learn more about housing benefits, click here

Maples kitchen
Maples bedroom
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