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The Compass Team. From left to right, Sam, Danny and Dionne.

Compass Team

​Our incredible Compass team are the central cog to Maples, they manage referrals, assessments, reviews, and placement breakdowns, assessing the needs of every service user to ensure every individual can find an accommodation, solution and placement that will work best for them.

The Compass team marks the start of your Maples journey, the team is passionate about finding an ideal solution for you, your client, or your loved one.

"Our dynamic and driven Compass Team was created to provide a consistent stream of support to all departments within The Maples Community. When at times our ship begins to rock more than normal, when the winds pick up unexpectedly, many people within our organisation will look to our department for stability. All members of the Compass team proudly take responsibility in guiding this ship to steady waters, providing reassurance and hope when needed."

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