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Alex and Jake

Learning Difficulties

Client Group

Mixed gender clients, early adulthood

Service Type

Supported living

Our LD division has been developed to support individuals that are diagnosed with Mental Health conditions, often focusing on service users that have learning disabilities and autism.

This Division helps our clients with their daily support needs. While our Division is ‘LD’, we don’t just focus on those with Learning Disabilities, the aim of this division is to create a safe environment for our service users to maximize their independence, build relationships, get back in the community, and establish and achieve goals. These goals are often voluntary work, paid work, occupational opportunities and maintaining treatment.

There’s no one approach, it’s all about creating that pathway and fulfilling their goals and where they want to get to in life. It’s a very diverse client group. Risk management, safe environment Is key, are they compatible for shared flats etc?

Positive behaviour support Behaviours support in general

The division has a mix of independent flats and shared accommodation, including mixed housing where any gendered staff can support, as well as an all-female house.

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