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A chat with one of our service users

At Maples, we assess each of our service users’ needs to ensure the support and

accommodation we provide specifically caters to them. We take great care to place individuals within an environment suitable to their development. Our objective with all clients is to promote and maximise independence, health, wellness, and social recovery through the utilisation of bespoke support planning, innovative support delivery and nationally recognised risk management.

We spoke to one of our service users about their time living in Maples properties, and learnt more about how Maples has helped them to live a more independent and fulfilling life.

What have you enjoyed about being at Maples?

“The staff are excellent and have been tremendously supportive to me.

When I came out of psychiatric hospital after 20 years, I first moved into a Maples property which didn’t suit me, so they tried a few different properties until they found somewhere that did. As soon as I saw place I’m in now, it felt right, I said ‘this is going to be my home.

I have a key worker, Carmel, and she’s phenomenal, she knows the right buttons to press, and she knows the right advice to give about so many different things. Carmel has been incredible, she gets things done for you, she went to the trouble of sorting Beauty and the Beast tickets for us and getting a discount. It was hard work for her to get it organised for us and she did it.

I’ve had a few lapses while I’ve been at Maples, and the staff have been so supportive. It’s a great place to be.”

What is it like living in a Maples property? “I love the house, I love cleaning, every morning I do all the cleaning downstairs. I enjoy it, I love the routine. I get on well with all the clients, but I do have one very best friend here and we have a great friendship, we really do.

We’re all independent as well, I do all my own cooking and cleaning, my own budgeting. But If I have any worries, or need any advice, I ask Carmel, my key worker, or any other member of staff and they always give me good advice. So, I’m very happy here.” What has Maples helped you with?

“Well, I was in psychiatric hospital for 20 years, I’ve only been in the community for about two and a half years, so I found it very daunting to be frank. Maples helped me to face conflicts and to face the world and have helped me to settle in.

Maples is a great place to be, the management are understanding, and they have time to listen to you as well, they take things on board, if a property isn’t right for you, they always try again find what suits you.

Being at Maples makes me feel happy and makes me feel like I have some sort of a future. Because of maples I’ve found new joys in my life, they’ve helped me find a voluntary job in a charity shop, and I now go to the gym, things like that.

Maples is making my life much easier than I thought.” What are you proud of? “I’m beginning to feel more confident in myself, I’m proud of the fact that I can hold my own now, my confidence has grown with the help of all the support of the staff.”

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