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Being Maples

At Maples, we pride ourselves on being a values-based company. For us, this starts at the heart, with our staff. We want our staff to feel safe, empowered, trusted and happy, and we’re always working on ways to achieve that.

Meet Tiff, our In-House Recruiter. Tiff is responsible for taking on new hires and managing our recruitment channels. We spoke to Tiff about her role and why she feels Maples is a valuable place to work.

Tell me about your role: “I am responsible for the end-to-end recruitment process, checking applications on platforms such as Indeed, booking in calls, screenings, and phone interviews with potential recruits, and managing the new starter paperwork and contracts. I meet with team managers to see what their recruitment needs are, attend external job fairs and I’m always looking for new places to advertise. It’s about getting the Maples brand out there.”

What are your passions outside of work? “I’m a mum, so a huge one for me is family, I spend as much quality time as I can with my family. When I have some free time, I like to unwind by going to the gym, doing yoga, or having some good food and a chill with friends.” What do you look for in new hires? “This is what I enjoy about my job here, the Maples concentrate more on value-based recruitment, rather than just what’s on an applicant’s CV. It’s all about who you are as a person. Age, race, disability, gender, it doesn’t matter, and that’s what I love about it.

When someone applies for a role, we always ask ‘are they Maples?’ For me, ‘being maples’ is about being caring, empathetic and wanting to help people. It’s about understanding that being a Mental Health Support Worker is not the highest paying job, but having the want to do it anyway. It’s having some knowledge and a basic understanding of mental health, but also being genuinely passionate about it as well. Everything else can be taught.”

What do you like about Maples? “Everyone is very approachable and it’s a very friendly place to be. Our new office is very collaborative and there’s no hierarchy. It’s very typical mental health here, staff are wearing what they want to wear, being who they want to be, there’s such a variety of people here and it’s a very welcoming environment for new starters.

There’s a lot of employee benefits too, you get two wellbeing days, which is good in this sector especially, as it can be a challenging job. You get your birthday off, which is nice. The blue light card is a huge benefit as well.” What do you like about your role? “I really like the people I work with, everyone is super friendly and super welcoming, I like that with the variety of roles we are recruiting for I can speak with people who are just starting their mental health journey and people who have that experience but are ready for a new challenge. Getting people into the right roles and the right jobs and seeing them flourish, especially when going from support workers to key workers, it’s brilliant. Seeing people enjoy their job when it’s someone I recruited, I love that.”

What makes Maples special? “There’s no other company that does what the Maples does, I think it’s so unique. It’s something that’s missing in mental health, it’s that step between psychiatric hospital and the community, we provide the middle ground which is so desperately needed.”

Advice to someone applying to Maples? “Be yourself, that’s all we can ask from you”

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