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Growing and Growing

Updated: Feb 9

The Maples team has been busy adding some greenery into our Verona office to help bring some life into the new workplace.

Our Compass Team Manager and official plant expert, Dan was inspired to add some nature into the space. We spoke to Danny about what inspired him to add plants into the office and he had this to say:

"I have always been enthusiastic about plants. They not only make a space look beautiful, but they also promote wellbeing and improve our mental health.

I was very keen to support a local business and on research found The Bristol Plant Man. We were able to source high quality plants, while also supporting a local business.

We now have 28 vibrant happy plants around our new office, the air feels fresher and it has certainly brought smiles to our Head Office team. Another real positive is we now have six designated Plant Champions that will help in looking after these beautiful plants."

We want to say a huge thank you to Bristol Plant Man for supplying our wonderful plants, we absolutely love having them in our office. The benefits of indoor plants on mental health are astronomical, helping to improve mood, reduce stress levels and increase productivity. If you want to check out The Bristol Plant Man, you can find him on Instagram and online via his website.

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