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Meet our Learning and Development Lead

This has been a big year for Maples, we've started Marketing our services, we've onboarded some fabulous new new Personal Trainers, and of course we've moved into our Verona office.

If you read our 'Maples Moving On Up' blog post, you know that our dream for Verona is to start a Training Academy with the aim of improving our training for staff, as well as offering training to the general public. This week, we had the exciting opportunity to speak to our new Learning and Development Lead, Richard Nuttall. Having a Learning and Development lead is an exciting step towards our goal of becoming a training academy.

Tell us about your role:

"Development isn’t about looking at mandatory and statutory training to tick some boxes, it’s looking at what a company needs to create defined training for each individual job role. I look at the requirements for the company and I also look at the development we could do. In essence, it’s all about giving the staff Maples all tools available to do their job to the best of their abilities."

What is your background?:

"I’ve just spent 11 years doing Learning Development for another company, Leonard Cheshire, which is a disability charity. Before that, I did a lot of retail Management, I did 5 years at Curry’s and 3 years with the Co-op."

Life outside work:

"I look after the kids, which keeps me busy, with a bit of washing and a bit of cooking. I

love all sports. I used to play a lot of sports, I don’t anymore, but I still like watching them. My only other interest is engineering, a friend of mine is a member of an engineering society, which is all things steam, and I ended up buying myself a small steam engine. I’m on my third one now, so I must enjoy it."

What would you be doing if you weren’t doing this?

"I thought about this, and I love cricket. So you could give me any job, carrying the kit, washing the kit, I really don’t mind. But any job working for the England Cricket team where I could travel with them and watch games with them in Barbados, West Indies, or Australia. That would be ideal for me."

What are your passions?

"I was working in retail doing a ridiculous amount of traveling and hours and I didn’t really enjoy it. I started wondering, ‘What do I actually enjoy and I began thinking about my time at Curry’s. During this job, I would watch staff join us and see them progress. I saw people become deputy managers and managers of their own stores and I really enjoyed that. That’s why I ended up in training because you get to see people achieve their true potential. Seeing people realising a potential they didn’t know they had is really quite empowering for me."

What's the best advice you've ever been given?

"The best advice I ever received was from Lord Stanley Kalms, the former Chairman at Curry’s. He once told me to always “under promise and overdeliver, if you do that, you’ll never go far wrong.” What I took from that, is to always be honest with people. So, if you can’t do something, say no, and if you can, say yes."

What is your vision for Maples?

"From a training point of view, I’d like Maples to be the ‘go to’ specialist provider in terms of our service and the training we offer. In the future, I’d like us to be the ‘go-to’ because we’re the experts in what we do and what we can offer in terms of training."

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