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The Maples story


Maples was established as a partnership by Sue and Simon Dickason

The duo set up the business in their family home at 864 Fishponds Road, operating as a care home for 3 elderly residents who lived alongside the family


Maples rebuilt their client base to focus on young people recovering from long-term mental illness

On the suggestion of social worker Pat Gilbert, Sue and Simon decided to change the client group they supported

1993 -1995

The service gained instant popularity with clients and Maples were asked to open several new accommodation facilities

The service was embraced enthusiastically by Local Authorities, health professionals, and commissioners due to their shift towards empowering clients and engaging them in decisions affecting their recovery and future life prospects


Our sister company, Maples Community Housing Limited was formed

 Maples Community Care Limited formed our sister company, Maples Community Housing Limited, a not-for-profit housing provider

1996 onwards

Since 1996 Maples Community Care has grown substantially 

 Maples Community Housing offers support for over 110 complex needs service users and provides over 30 units of accommodation in Bristol and a further 19 units in South Gloucester


Sue and Simon opened the Maples Community Activity and Resource Centre (MARC). 

MARC is fully funded by Maples Community Care and provides a resource for local people living with mental health disabilities.  MARC offers a broad range of activities such as expressive art, drama, music, IT, horticulture, special interest groups, and academic learning


26 years after 26 years after establishing Maples, Sue and Simon retire

After steering the service to the undisputed position of primary provider in the region, Sue and Simon decided to step back from their leadership roles and pass the responsibility to their trusted management team

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